Version 2.0

Welcome to Donald Louch Productions 2.0!

I'm happy to announce that I've released version 2.0 of my client portal, Donald Louch Productions! With this update,
I've changed:
  • the URL from to
  • changed the script from Freelance Cockpit 3.0 to Perfex
  • With the script change, the wording and interface have changed!
    • What was "Tickets" is now "Support"
    • There's a new dashboard
    • There's a new navigation system
    • There's a better file manager
    • You can now have more options when creating a support ticket
    • There's now a "Knowlege Base"
    • There's now "Notifications"
    • The project view is much cleaner and displays more information
  • and Much More!
If you previously had an account on the old version, you will receive a "Set Password" email! All other information will be transferred over!

As always, feel free to ask for help, if needed!


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